Shameless Family Plug :: Justin Eakins, Master Barber

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So I have to throw in a shameless family plug today for my youngest brother Justin Eakins.  Justin has been cutting hair since high school and he is quite the Master Barber if I do say so myself.  Although he is not the one who did my Big Chop (BC), he is the last person to cut my hair.  He was the shop manager at The Kut Barbershop on the campus of Oakwood University and that was my first stop when I came into town last Thanksgiving to visit family.  None of my other family members knew that I had cut off all of my hair, nor had they seen me.  Justin gave me the best cut I have ever had and even fixed up the back where the last barber had messed up my hairline.

I am very proud of him (I’m proud of my other brother also) and I just wanted to share some of his handiwork.  Justin is Robbie Pressley’s (a member of the group Committed) barber when he is in town.  He often cuts his hair the day before they fly out to perform, do an interview, or make an appearance some where.  Committed is the winner of NBC’s The Sing Off competition and is currently promoting their upcoming album.

Here is the video they just released for their first single “Break Free.”  You can see my brother’s handiwork on Robbie Pressley at 2:30, 2:36 & 2:47.

If you live or work in the Huntsville, AL area, attend Alabama A & M University, the University of Alabama – HSV or Oakwood University check him out.

Justin Eakins, Master Barber

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