NaturalArtMaven, where have you been?

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When I created this site, it was my full intention to blog on a regular basis, document my natural hair journey, and share tips and my love of healthy living and art.  For at least a year, I was very diligent in my aspirations and I quite enjoyed sharing with the online community in this space.  However, life had other plans for me.  By trade, I am a graphic designer and I have enjoyed doing a little freelance work on the side for extra money.  My graphic design business was never something I considered doing on a full time basis, until the company I was working for allowed me to work from home.

I worked for 3M as a graphic designer in the automotive aftermarket division for four years on a contract basis.  When I was first hired, I was told that there would be no possibility of the assignment lasting more than those three months.  Fast forward four years, and not only had it lasted much longer than that, but although I was not the last one hired in, I was the last one to go after my department was moved to headquarters in St. Paul, MN.  In fact, that is what lead to me working from home.  I packed up our department, equipment, etc and helped facilitate the move.  My supervisor had been managing us remotely from headquarters and when everything was gone, I asked if I could telework for the rest of my contract (every few months I had been given a contract extension).

I absolutely fell in love with working from home.  I could control my environment and limit the amount of distractions, which allowed me to be more productive.  I had made the rounds of the local creative agencies to let them know that I would soon be available for a new assignment when the departmental move was announced.  I had been extended the opportunity to continue to work with 3M if I was willing to relocate.  Unfortunately, cold weather like what is experienced in Minnesota and I just do not get along and I had to decline the offer.  However, after I began working from home, I began to thing of ways to make something similar work for me.  It was then that I decided to put a plan into place to take my part-time freelance graphic design business to a full-time business venture.

I am no stranger to entrepreneurship having grown up in an entrepreneur environment.  My father was self-employed and had a successful private investigation firm.  It is from him, that I learned a lot of the business practices that I use today with my business.  What is funny is that growing up I used to say, “when I grow up, I want to work for someone.”  Why, you may ask?  Because I wanted health insurance.  It was something that we didn’t have growing up because of the high cost and expense for a small business owner.  Today, I am back to not having health insurance, but I am a lot healthier than I used to be because of the lifestyle changes I have made.

So, I said all of that to say.  Things have slowed down here because I have to focus a lot of my attention and energy on my design business.  After all, it is how I eat and if I don’t nurture it and help it grow, I won’t be eating at all!  I still plan to keep up this blog and my Youtube channel, but I won’t be able to post as frequently.  Thank you guys for being patient with me and sticking around!






Freelance Graphic Designer, Lifestyle Blogger, Natural Hair Enthusiast and Fitness Convert...yeah, I wear a lot of hats. :)

  • Rammie

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I am the same way I want to work for someone but in my field. I guess that’s why I put freelancing on hold for a retail job with Heath Insurance.

    • NaturalArtMaven

      I think health insurance is a big obstacle that many entrepreneur’s face. I know several people that would love to take their home businesses full-time, but can’t because they need the health insurance that their day job offers them. It truly is an unfortunate situation. I think another factor that influenced my decision, was that working contract for those 4 years with 3M, also meant that I did not have adequate health insurance during that time. I figured, I didn’t grow up it and I haven’t had it for the last four years, so why let that hold me back now. I have actually spent the majority of my life without access to health insurance and now that I live a healthier lifestyle, I am hoping (fingers crossed) to have less of a need for it. Lol, but we all know; life never goes as you plan!