Natural Hair + Style Confidence

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Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that me going natural has given me more confidence in the style department as well.  I’ve always been an individual and had slightly eccentric tastes, but I’ve never had the confidence to rock what I really wanted to wear or how I really wanted to present myself.  I’ve often felt that my exterior did not match my interior and I can remember complaining a few times to some friends.  “How I look does not match my personality.”  To be honest, I think I often looked either frumpy or bummy.  I don’t like to be uncomfortable, so on a lazy day (most days) t-shirts, sweats, jeans and sneakers were the standard.  For work: old lady frump.  I was afraid that I would look silly if I put together what I really wanted to wear or styled myself differently.

When I cut off all of my hair, it’s like I found a new confidence.  Honestly, I was so fascinated with my hair and I felt so liberated and free that I forgot to think about what people would think.  I felt too good to worry about anybody else.  As it grows longer and gets bigger, I notice a few looks, but I really don’t care.  If I catch their eye, I just smile, nod and keep going.  This is me.  My hair matches who I feel I am.  This has inspired me to experiment more with my own personal style.  Not anyone else’s, not something put together piece by piece and placed on a mannequin.  My style.

What is my style?  I couldn’t tell you.  Lol, if I like it, I buy it.  I’ve been thrifting over the past several months and I am finding I am really enjoying it.  I’ve also noticed that I have slowly managed to build a small wardrobe.  I had a friend come to town for a visit recently.  I have always admired his style so when he said, “Watch out Colleen, I see you’ve stepped up your style game!”  I was more than pleased with myself.  I feel confident enough to rock what I am wearing and I finally feel like the exterior matches the interior.  I’ve also noticed that I get more looks and I’m not sure if I can attribute it to the hair or the total package, ‘cause I think I look fly!  J/K

Has your personal style been influenced by your decision to go natural?





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