My New Gadget that I Can’t Live Without

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Ok, so this post has nothing to do with natural hair, healthy living or art…well at least not directly related to art.  I have found a new tech gadget that I absolutely love and I just wanted to share it with you guys over here.  I originally posted about it earlier on my graphic design business blog here is you want to read the original post, but those who do not feel like navigating away, here it is in it’s entirety:

My New Favorite Gadget..

…is the MyCharge Peak 6000!  If you have a Smartphone, chances are you are always on the hunt for a plug and religiously carry a charger with you at all times to juice up your device.  As an iPhone owner, I am constantly monitoring my battery because it drains so quickly.  On a phone call with a prospective client, and then on to a client meeting where I need to hotspot for my iPad presentation, and then a brain storming session with some other designers.  After all of that…the battery is D-E-A-D or barely breathing.  I find myself hoping that a short drive between meetings will be enough to resuscitate my phone with the car charger.

Enter the MyCharge Peak 6000.  This little sucker can charge an iPhone completely, up to four times from a dead battery.  It is also small enough to fit in a purse, pocket or briefcase without creating too much bulk.  Another great feature is that if you have a device that uses a small USB connection or an Apple product (not the newer iPhone 5 or iPods), you do not need to carry any additional cords.  The MyCharge Peak 6000 has a built in small USB connector and Apple connector built in.  To charge the MyCharge Peak 6000, you can either plug it into a wall (the plug is self contained in the unit) or plug it into your computer via the self contained USB connector.  Be warned that if you need to charge it from your computer it will take considerably longer than plugging it into a wall.  If you are a traveler that has limited access to plugs, this may be the ideal way to charge.  When fully depleted, it takes about 14 hours to charge from the computer USB connector and 4 hours to fully charge by plugging it into a wall.

I have had mine for about two to three weeks now and I use it all of the time.  I have used it to charge my iPhone, iPad and Nook eReader (I have the older non-color, 3G/WiFi enabled device).  It definitely does not charge up my iPhone or iPad as fast as my regular charger does, but at least for the iPhone, I am able to get my juice back and continue to use my phone without fear of being without it because of a dead battery.  For the iPad, it takes a considerable amount of juice to charge it from completely being depleted to a full charge.  I have charged it from a 38% starting point, and brought it to about 76%.  This charge did not totally drain the MyCharge Peak 6000, but she did inform me that the battery level was almost depleted, although not exactly in those words.  Oh, wait, did I mention that the device talks?  Yes, she does.  When you plug in a device, she tells you that she is charging an “Apple device” or a “USB device.”  If you ask her by pushing a button on the bottom of the device, she will even tell you how much power is left in the device.  A light indicator will also light up for a visual reference of how much battery power is left.

MyCharge Peak 6000 may seem a little high to some coming in at around $99, but to me it is totally worth the price.  The MyCharge Peak 6000 also has some siblings that are lower in price and power that you can check out if the 6000 is more than you feel you need or want to pay.

I was not paid to write this review and purchased the MyCharge Peak 6000 with my own money, I just really like this device!  I can really see how handy it would have come during my Miami trip where I took all of my photos with my iPhone and used my iPhone to find cool things to do nearby.  My lodging situations were not the best when it came to fining a plug to charge to juice up my phone.

What do you guys think?  Are there any other techno geeks out there like me?




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