Karen’s Body Beautiful Haute Hair Affair

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I went to the KBB Haute Hair Affair last Saturday in Atlanta and had a ball!  I went by myself and as I often do when I am out by myself, I zeroed in on another woman by herself as well and struck up a conversation.  I’ve learned that you can’t have fun at an event if you are standing idly on the wall like a wallflower.  Plus, the best way to meet people and make new friends is to introduce yourself.  :)

All of the guests received goodie bags that contained products from the upcoming Fall’11 line, which is kind of exciting to get a sneak peek.  Once I’ve had a chance to use the products, I will come back with a review.  I saw a couple of popular bloggers there and I also ran into some friends that I have not seen in forever!  I was good to get out, socialize and reconnect.

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