3 Benefits to Having Natural Hair in 1 Minute

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This is my video response to The Curl Station on Youtube.  There are many benefits to having natural hair but these three are my favorites:


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  • http://CleverlyChanging.com Elle

    I love this video. Short, sweet, and to the point. I have been natural for 10 years. The best part a part being natural is that it is shameless. You get instant swagger. I am so happy that God made me nappy. Keep up the good work!

    • http://www.naturalartmaven.com NaturalArtMaven

      10 years, wow! I applaud you. Were you natural in high school? ;)

  • LaShon

    I love the part about getting your hair wet! I’m no longer afraid of water and it’s so freeing! I wish I had gone natural years before. It’s my hair I should be in control of looking good, not a hair stylist.

    • http://www.naturalartmaven.com NaturalArtMaven

      I whole heartedly agree!

  • http://www.waxingpoetica.wordpress.com WaxingPoetica

    HI-larious!! Absolutely wonderful and full of truth. You betta tell it!

  • http://Naturalhairgenie.com Dee

    Love ur video! Short & sweet and u are rockin that turban look by the way! I’m gonna feature this on my blog be sure to check it out @ naturalhairgenie.com :-)

    • http://www.naturalartmaven.com NaturalArtMaven

      Thanks and I will definitely check out your blog!

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