Twist & Shout

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I did two strand twists for the first time…and I think I like them!  It took forever, but I think this is a “style” that I can add to my repertoire of textured ‘fro, textured ‘fro and…textured ‘fro.  Yeah, so I only have one successful style right now.

I figured since, I tele-commute now, that I had nothing to lose by twisting my hair up.  I knew I wasn’t going to see anyone and that I wasn’t going anywhere.  I started twisting at 9 pm and finished close to 3 am.  Yeah, now I know that I need to start much earlier if I value my sleep, which I do.  I twisted on dry hair that I had washed, deep conditioned and allowed to air dry (which is partially why I started so late).  I used my mango butter whip and that was it.  When I was done they were sticking straight out from my hair like Pippy Long Stocking.  I was too tired to care and spritzed them lightly and tied my hair down with a satin scarf.

When I woke up this morning and took off the scarf, I was like, “hmm, I think I like this.”  I wasn’t mad at the random twists spring towards the sky either.  I pinned them down and “went to work.”  Later, I needed to leave for an appointment and decided to dress them up some.  The headband and flower were the result.  I am going to see how long they last and if I can do a twist out when I release them.  If this can last a week, I am definitely going to do these again next week.  I might try to flat twist the front the next time, but my flat twist game is kinda shaky.




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