TWA Style Challenge :: Style #3 #FAIL

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This week’s style was a bust.  I intended to twist up my hair and pin curl it all over my head similar to on YouTube.  I figured I could fill in any gaps from me not having enough length with fake twists that I planned to make from some of the left over red Marley braiding hair that I have left from making the pieces (see here).  I thought it would look cute and have a pop of color.  It would have also made a great protective style, or so I thought.  I did my normal wash routine and twisted up my hair.  I didn’t stretch them out like I normally do because I wanted them to be plump.  I thought that would help to fill in the spaces.  Wrong!  I might have been able to achieve this style if they were stretched.  When it was dry, they just were not long enough to pin curl and look cute.  I honestly think I need another five months before I can really pull off this style.

I had a meeting with my boss scheduled for today, so I couldn’t get away with wearing the twists out or rocking my tam.  I untwisted them and rocked a fro-hawk instead.  Still cute, but not the intended style for this week.

How are you wearing your hair today?  How have you turned a style bust into a must?


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