Review: Hair Therapy Wrap

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So during a sale at an online retailer, I decided to purchase the hair therapy wrap.  CurlyNikki mentioned on her blog that she puts her moisturizer in on dry hair and rocks her wrap for about 20 minutes for soft moisturized hair.  She does this in between washes and her regular conditioning sessions.

When I read her post, it occurred to me that not only did that sound like a great idea, but the wrap would probably be very useful when traveling to keep my hair moisturized or for when I go to visit my parents.  I often return home late on Sunday’s which is also my wash day.  I figure I can wash and deep condition with the wrap and wear it as I travel back home.  Then all I need to do is rinse and if I feel up to it, style.  I usually use my hair steamer for deep conditioning, but it’s too big to travel with.  Plus the wrap was on $20 with shipping, so I thought why not?

Once it arrived, I immediately tried it out.  It’s very simple to use and I can see myself using it a lot, since I don’t have to sit still in one place for 20 minutes like with the steamer and the hooded dryer.  You put the gel packs in the wrap and pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds.  Then you put it on your head on top of a plastic shower cap.  20 minutes later, and voila!  Soft supple hair.  I too, used it on dry hair.  I used my Salerm21 leave in and donned the wrap.  When I twist me hair, I will probably use this method with my spray leave in to keep my twist moisturized through out the week.  My steamer will still continue it’s duty as my deep conditioning agent.

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