[New Video] 4c Natural Kids :: Interview with CurlyUncurly

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My niece and sissy have started a new Youtube channel that focuses on my niece’s natural hair journey.  As a kid with 4c textured hair, my sissy (I hate the term sister-in-law), thought it would be great to show their mishaps and successes.  My sissy is also natural and has been featured here on this blog.  Her own hair texture is very different from her daughter’s and it has been a bit of a challenge learning how to care for her hair, when she was still learning to care for her own.  Even I have not been much help because the variety of textures on my own head are not quite a match to Ken Ken’s.

In the video you hear Ken Ken say that she is her daddy’s daughter, and she definitely has her daddy’s hair! :)

Without further ado, I present to you an interview with Ms. Martini and Ken Ken of the Youtube channel CurlyUncurly:

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