Natural Hair Problems :: Matting

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As you may be aware, I have been exclusively using my fingers to detangle and style my hair.  I have not used a comb with my hair in about a year and a half or so and I think it has been really beneficial to the health of my hair.  Another reason why I like finger detangling is because I get much better clumping and definition than when I used a comb or brush.  The problem has been my laziness which is a result of being pretty busy with my business.

I detangle my hair in the shower, mainly because it takes a while for my hair to absorb water and really get wet, so I need the constant stream of the shower head to thoroughly wet my hair and keep it wet to detangle my hair.  The problem is that now that my hair is a lot longer and I have so much of it, it takes longer to detangle and the hot water runs out. When that happens, I tend to get impatient, because now I am wet and cold and only half way through the process.  I have been looking for a shower wand with an on/off switch to connect to my shower filter, to try to help solve this problem.

Because of my impatience and laziness, I have not been thoroughly detangling my hair like I should and that resulted in a ton of shed hair trapped near the roots of my hair.  In addition to that, I started noticing my looser section matting and seemingly trying to lock.  So…I decided to tackle the situation with a comb.  Mainly because I thought it would be faster to thoroughly detangle and I might not have to sit cold and wet in the tub for so long.  Check out the video to learn more!











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