Finally! A Clip That Actually Holds

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I bought these a few weeks ago because I was tired of my current clips popping out of my hair.  Now that my hair is longer, I find that doing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in sections makes life easier.  I detangle in sections, wash in sections and I style in sections.  It really makes life easier and sessions faster.  The problem has been the clips.  Currently I section my hair into 8 sections.  I am hoping that as it gets longer, I will be able to reduce the sections to at least 6, but due to the thickness, 8 is where I am at now.  When my hair is wet, the clips hold up a little better, but when dealing with my dry hair and the increased volume, they pop off and I find myself adding sections for a total of 10-12.

I searched online for clips for thick hair and came across some FHI clips that looked similar to these.  An avid online shopper, I was disappointed to see that they were out of stock on and ended up making a trip to Sally’s to see if I could find them there.  I didn’t, but I found these instead.  The pink and black set consists of 2 large and 2 medium clips that cost about $6.  There was only one pack of these left and since I knew I would need at least 8 of these clips, I was forced to buy the slightly more expensive “safari” version that came with 4 large clips for about $7.  The “safari” clips were actually a better deal because they came with 4 large as opposed to the 2 large and medium clips in the other pack.

So far I have used these on both dry and wet hair and they hold my hair very well.  I use the 2 medium clips in the back of my hair because the hair there is fine, thus allowing me to make larger sections.  Here is how I section my hair:  2 sections in the back (medium clips) Pippy Longstocking style, 2 sections for the crown which is my most stubborn section and the thickest area, 1 section on each side of my head by my ears and 2 sections in the front, split down the middle.  Once these are clipped in place, they do not move.  No slowly working their way loose, no popping off and flying into a wall, no sudden departure with the slightest head movement.  My only complaint about these is that they are slippery when wet so it can be difficult to open/handle them with wet hands.  This is a minor annoyance because I know that once they are in place, I dont have to mess with them again until I am ready to.

Overall, I would recommend giving these a try if you have really thick hair and you find your current clips are giving you grief.






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