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Today, I present to you a guest post by the lovely Brittany from the Pursuit of Nappyness blog.  Don’t forget to drop by her blog and say “hi.”

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Lately I’ve been contemplating whether I should big chop next month! I only have about  3 – 4 inches of new growth and really wanted to research different hair growth challenges.  Here are a few that I have found that you can start at any time:

Spring Forward Hair Growth Challenge:

This challenge claims to be about length retention, hair education and growth. It consists of working out, taking supplements, gentle hair care and low manipulating hair styling.

Castor Oil Challenge:

This challenge consists of using castor oil of your choice 3-5 times a week to see growth. Castor oil can be incorporated in hot oil treatments, prepoos and sealing. It also helps grow out your edges and other thinning areas.

Hair Steamer Growth Challenge:

This challenge consists of using a hair steamer or a plastic cap to deep condition your hair. Some benefits of steaming are better circulation to the scalp, less dryness and breakage and added moisture to unmanageable hair.

6 Month Hair Growth Challenge:

This challenge consists of a basic hair regimen along with moisturizing daily and oiling your scalp every other day.

MSM Hair Growth Challenge:

This challenge consists of using some form of MSM (pills or powder) to lengthen your hair growth cycle. Keep your hair in protective styles and drink lots of water. More info about MSM is on the website as well.

90 Days of Growth Challenge:

This challenge consists of maintaining a basic regimen, moisturizing and sealing often, drink 64oz of water daily, eliminate heat and more protective styling.

Which growth challenge will you try?  What are some hair growth challenges that you’ve heard of?

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Author Bio:  Hi, my name is Brittany from the Pursuit of Nappyness!  I’ve been natural for about a month now and loving it.  I’m a 15 year old high school student sharing my ideas, tips, and tricks through blogging/vlogging about Natural Hair.  I started blogging in December of 2012 when I began my transition.  My goal is to help transitioners, newly naturals and experienced naturals to take care of their natural tresses!


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