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As a natural hair enthusiast, I hear this term all of the time.  Usually it is in reference to some new product, tool, or process for natural hair that a person tried, but didn’t have success with.  The only reason they even thought to try it, was because the blogosphere, YouTube and the web in general was all a buzz about it.  Lot’s of vloggers were giving positive reviews and it changed they’re life in one way or another by either making a particular process easier and less time consuming (example: detangling), preventing something they were experiencing (example: breakage), or some other improvement relating to their hair.

I think in general, everyone is looking for that holy grail item that will make some particular aspect of having natural hair easier or give them a desired look.  That could be anything from reducing frizz to detangling hair faster.  I think that this is especially true for those of us that have not been natural all of our lives.  For me, it has definitely been a huge learning curve going from 25 years of straight hair to a patchwork quilt of curls, coils and kinks that have a tendency to shrink and draw in towards my scalp.  I am still learning my hair and the best way to care for it as are others.  When you are still trying to figure out the “best way” to accomplish something with your hair, these “bandwagons” as they are called, can be very tantalizing.  It also makes the disappointment greater if they fail.

I have fallen victim to two:  the Tangle Teezer and the Terressentials Hair Wash.  The first one was a great find that works well for me; the second was a fail.  With the Tangle Teezer, I called myself resisting the urge to run to the store and immediately purchase one when I saw all of the positive raving reviews.  The tool actually sold out at Sally’s stores all over the country.  I even called a few local stores and they were out of stock.  I decided since I had not seen a negative review yet, and it had been a month, that maybe I should give it a try.  I ended up purchasing one online at and paying almost $20.00 including the shipping to get one.  They retail for $9.99 at Sally’s.  Literally, the day it arrived was the same day that negative reviews started popping up.  Some people were noticing split and shredded ends.  Oh, no!  I left it in the packaging, afraid to use it for almost two weeks.  In the end, it turned out to be a great tool for me.  I’ve been using it to detangle once a week for several months now with no problems.  The Terressentials, well you know the story behind that already, and if you don’t, you can watch the video I did on it here.

The moral of the story for me at least, is that bandwagons are not always bad, but proceed with caution before jumping on one.  Every head of curls, coils and kinks is different and although it may seem that a particular something is working great for everyone, there are probably just as many people that it’s not or would not work well for.  They may not have a blog or Youtube channel.  :)  I need to hold to the mantra of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  I can’t say that I will never fall for the next latest craze (the Split-Ender is calling my name), but I will be exercising extreme caution and restraint from now on.

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  • Natural Hair Genie

    Nice Article!! Definitely an article that is a great read for anyone transitioning or even trying new products.

    • NaturalArtMaven

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. By exercising restraint, it will save me money and potential disappointment.

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