My hair likes to play tricks on me.

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This is the scenario:  For a couple of months at a time, I won’t see any growth progress with my hair.  I’ll grumble about how it’s not growing and start wondering if maybe I should take more vitamins, rub magic tonic into my scalp or “hide” it for a while to give it a break.  Then one day, usually on a wash day, I’ll all of sudden proclaim to the mirror, “OMG!  Look at my hair!”  I’ll see about 1”-2” of growth.  I’ll notice more hang time and again start contemplating whether or not I have enough length to finally pull my hair into a puff.  It’s as if my hair magically grew a couple of inches overnight.

Now, I know that my hair is growing at the average rate of ½” a month and in some areas a little more and in other areas, a little less.  It just seems like I get that average growth overnight.  I think my hair just enjoys playing these cruel tricks on me.  Just when my worry and anxiety over my growth progress get to a fever pitch, my hair stretches as if just waking up and yawning and says “BAM!”  “Look at me now!”  I think it used to do the same thing when I was relaxed, except I wasn’t concerned with my growth.  I would get my next relaxer touch-up and notice that my hair was an inch longer even after a trim and be really cavalier about it.  Now, it’s really getting a chance to play with my emotions.  I guess this is payback.  Now, I am desperate for it to hurry up and grow, so I can do this style, or that thing, or pull it back into a puff.  I’m always looking at tutorials on Youtube thinking, man I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to do that!

So relish in your joy now, my dear hair.  Because once I reach that “I can’t wait until it’s long enough to do…” point, it’s over.  I won’t care about how fast or slow you’re growing.  So enjoy it while it lasts (probably for the next two years).

Does this happen to anyone else?

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