I Trimmed it Myself!

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So I’ve been trying to figure how to tackle trimming my hair.  The ends didn’t look bad to my eye, but they felt rough in comparison with the rest of the strands.  From what I’ve read online, that is a sign that they need to be trimmed off.  I even went by my old stylist from my relaxed days to ask her opinion.  She told me if they felt rough, that even though they weren’t split, I should trim them.  I asked her if she could cut my hair curly because I didn’t want to flat iron my hair.  She said she could, but told me to comb it out good.  I told her it had to be wet to do so and that I was planning to wash it the following day.  We decided that I would do my normal wash routine and then come back to her the following day with wet hair and conditioner.  Well, to make a long story short, I chickened out.  Although she is the only person I trust to cut my hair and not leave all of it on the floor, I was scared she was going to hurt me.  I am very, very, very tender headed and when I was relaxed, I avoided stylists and salons because my head would hurt so bad from them being so rough.  That was with straight hair.  I just couldn’t imagine the pain I would be in from someone who is not used to kinky hair combing through it and man handling my head.

When I got home, I scoured the web for techniques to trim it myself.  The problem was not the actual trimming part, because I’ve trimmed my own hair when I was low on funds many times when it was straight.  I was more worried about the logistics of trimming the back since it is so short.  If it was about 5-6 inches longer, I don’t think it would have been much of a problem.  I ended up watching a tutorial on Onyxrose’s blog that did it by feel rather than visually looking for the dead ends.  After watching the video I was set!

I washed, conditioned and detangled and got out the shower.  I pulled a chair into the bathroom and went to work.  I used all 12 banana clips that I own to clip sections I had trimmed out of the way so I wouldn’t accidentally re-trim any sections.  I would take a section and slide my fingers down until I felt it get rough, then I clipped that off.  I never actually saw what I was doing until I got to the front and sides.  I cut about a ½” or less all over my head.  Now my hair feels great and I can breathe a sigh of relief because I tackled a fear and it’s done.  The next time I trim should be easier because it will be longer.  It took almost an hour to get through my whole head (it’s very dense) and when I was done, I hopped back in the shower, rinsed, applied my deep conditioner and sat under the steamer.

When I looked at the hair on the floor, it didn’t really look like THAT much considering how many sections of hair I went through.  Looking at the pictures, however, it looks like a lot.  I guarantee that it wasn’t as bad as it looks!


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