I Finally Made the Video!

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Many people have been asking me on YouTube to make a tutorial showing how I make my Shea/Cupuaçu butter whip that is often seen in some of my hair tutorial videos.  Since I stopped using oil on my hair back in April, I have not been using my mix on my hair during these warmer months.  I also have only been using coconut oil on my skin right after getting out of the shower.  Now that the weather is changing and the air is starting to get drier, I am in need of my butter whip.  This stuff works great not only on your hair, but also on your skin.  I use it for both.  I actually have not bought lotion in almost two years because I have been using this butter during the majority of the year.  I even use it on my lips as a lip balm.  This butter is truly versatile.  As far as my hair, this is what I use during the drier months as a styler.  When it comes to my hair, I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to product usage.  Plus, using something that can be used in so many ways is a cost saver.

I purchased my Cupuaçu butter from Sage a year or so ago, but you can find it along with raw Shea butter and coconut all online at Amazon.com if you can not find it locally on the ground.  My coconut oil comes from a Farmer’s market here in Atlanta and I get my Shea butter from a local Caribbean store.

Shea Butter
Cupuaçu Butter
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil

Optional Ingredients:
Other natural oils such as Almond oil, Hemp oil, Grapeseed oil, etc
Essential Oils for scent
Glycerin or Honey to attract and trap moisture


I don’t measure anything when I make this whip so it was essential for me to film the process. J

I take a medium to large size pot filled with water and place it on the stove on medium heat.  On top of the pot, I place a large bowl.  This is my makeshift double boiler.  If you own one, you should probably use that instead.

I place the Shea butter and Cupuaçu butter in the bowl and allow it to slowly melt.  I usually use all of the Shea butter that I have bought and almost as much Cupuaçu butter as there is Shea butter.

Once it has melted, I transfer the liquid to a larger bowl and add two oils.  You can use any two oils that you like, but I almost always use coconut oil and one other natural oil I have on hand.  Since I am preparing for winter, I chose to use Olive oil this time because it is a little bit heavier than my Jojoba or Grapeseed oil.

Side Note:  My hair hates coconut oil and Shea butter by themselves.  Coconut oil normally just sits on top of my hair and Shea butter does the same thing.  I cannot even use products with Shea butter in them, but for some reason, combined in this way, they work great on my hair.  That is why I use almost an equal ratio of Shea butter to Cupuaçu butter.

I then leave the bowl sitting out to allow the mixture to cool down and start to solidify.  I do not let it solidify completely to make it easier to whip.

With a hand mixer set on low, I whip the mixture until it is nice and fluffy.  By this point it is more than double it’s size.  If I am making a batch just for me, I will add some essential oils for fragrance, but usually my boyfriend wants some of the batch and is not to keen on smelling like lemongrass or rosemary.


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