Hello world…I have arrived.

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So…this is my first attempt at writing a blog post.  I guess I will start off by explaining what brought me here and what I plan to include on this site.

Well, I have always had an interest in art and anything that was creative.  As a child, I used to draw and paint all of the time.  I always carried a “doodle pad” as my mom called them.  Most of them were newsprint sketchpads, but occasionally she would buy me the nice ones.  I liked those best because when I erased, it didn’t smudge the lead every where or tear holes in my drawings.

My father is the one who introduced me to photography by giving me a 110 camera.  He taught me about through the lens viewing (so that I would stop putting my thumb in the shot) and lighting.  I continued to take pictures through out the years and took several photography classes in college.  While in college, I majored in graphic design and upon graduation took a job as an assistant graphic designer for a real estate company.  I currently work as a graphic designer for an internationally known “big name” company.  Lol.

That all leads me to the present.  I became interested in living a healthy lifestyle about a year and a half ago and lost 30 lbs in the process.  I have a medical condition that required me to take several medications and because of my lifestyle change, I have been able to get off of all of them.  About five months ago, I decided that if I didn’t want to put chemicals IN my body, why would I put them ON my hair?

I big chopped for the first time in October 2010 and liked my short hair cut so much, that I decided to cut it again the day before Thanksgiving 2010.  I have been growing my hair out since then.  It has definitely been an interesting journey, but I LOVE IT!  I don’t think I would ever go back.  I’ve learned to accept the bad with the good (some days it looks like a dirty cat is sitting on top of my head).

Anyway, that’s the short story.  Lol.  I promise to try to keep my posts shorter in the future.

Freelance Graphic Designer, Lifestyle Blogger, Natural Hair Enthusiast and Fitness Convert...yeah, I wear a lot of hats. :)