Hair Strike

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This past Fall, Winter and part of early Spring I went on a hair strike. I think I had reached a point in my natural hair journey that all naturals must reach. I was tired of my hair. I wanted something different. I was considering big chopping again, just because. The urge to cut was very strong, but all I could think about was the ugly in between stage I would have to go through if I decided to grow it back out. Even when I had relaxed straight hair, every time I got bored and cut my hair, I would immediately start growing it back out again. I wasn’t feeling my hair at its current length, but I wasn’t feeling that ugly stage either. Plus, I hadn’t reached my hair goal – to have pigtails that hung past my shoulders and looked good. I needed more hair for that.

I decided to “put my hair away” for a while, but not in the way that most naturals do. Instead of a weave or braids, I just stopped doing my hair at all. I washed it, but that was it. Wash, detangle and tie it all down with a scarf is what I did the entire time. I work from home, so I could get away with looking like a homeless Miss Ceely. When I needed to leave the house, I wore hats. If I had a meeting, I wore one of the bands I made from leftover stretch fabric and bobby pinned the Miss Ceely twists in a pile on top of my head. This worked pretty well.

Now, it’s Spring and I feel a bit refreshed from my hair break and ready to tackle the task of wearing my hair out again. I no longer feel the urge to cut it and it’s grown quite a bit since the last time I saw it loose outside of the shower. Lol, we will see how long the urge to cut stays away, but I am actually looking forward to wearing my hair out again.

Have you ever felt the need to take a break from your hair?



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