Fun with Scarves

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Because I mainly work from home now, I don’t have to fuss with my hair too much.  It just needs to be presentable enough to make a run to the Farmer’s Market or stop by the craft store.  The majority of the week, it is twisted up and if I need to leave, I throw a beanie or tam over my little Medusa inspired caterpillars and run out of the door.  The latter part of the week is when it is out and it is usually fly enough for the weekend.  Right now, there haven’t been too many “bad hair days,” because the only person that sees me is me.

However, for the past two weeks, I have been moonlighting in the evenings down at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for the show Wicked.  No, I am not in the cast, nor am I an actual employee of the Fox.  I sell merchandise…t-shirts, programs, cd’s, etc.  It started in 2008, the last time the musical was here.  I needed some extra cash and a friend told me about a posting they had seen on Craigslist.  Fast forward to now, and I am back working with them and reunited with some of my cronnies coworkers from before.  Great times.  It also means that I am front and center in front of the public.  Talk about pressure.  I went from seeing no one, to seeing 4,000 at a time, 6 days a week.

Although my regimen is pretty simple, I am finding that I don’t have very much time between working during the day for myself and the evening for Wicked.  My solution:  scarves and accessories.  I have been doing it up by pulling out all my “fancy” earrings, hair clips, hats and scarves.  I have even been playing with my long rectangular scarves that I was wearing around my neck last winter.  I have been experimenting with knots, loose ends and a rope effect by twisting the scarf.  Here are a couple pictures of me before heading off to work.




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