From Product Junkie to Ingredient Junkie

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There is a lot of talk within the natural hair care realm of product junkie’s.  Fiends who collect, hoard and look for the next best product for hair care.  This addiction leaves many with baskets, drawers and in some cases, closets full of half used and discarded products that either didn’t live up to the hype, worked for a short while or were just plain old blah.  Because most of these products were a little on the pricey side or had high shipping costs associated with them, they are hoarded or traded for some other next best thing.

Early in my natural hair journey, well let me say in the first two months because I consider my journey to still be in the early stages, I was a product junkie.  I just didn’t know what or how to take care of my new hair after I big chopped, so I turned to a co-worker and to the internet for advice.  I visited almost every beauty supply in my county, scoured online stores, a placed phone calls to beauty supply stores that were in more than a 15 mile radius.  I can’t say that I bought a whole lot of stuff, but I did definitely spend a lot of time and effort searching for the holy grail products that everyone else was using.  If I had had more money to spend, I think my basket of hoarded products would be a whole lot bigger.

What I love about being natural and using natural products, is that it fits so well with what I am trying to do in my life, by being healthier.  Because of this, I graduated and morphed into a new form of junkie.  Hi, my name is Colleen and I am an Ingredient Junkie.  *smiles and takes a seat*  I now scour the web and my local area, to buy and hoard ingredients.  What are these ingredients you may ask?  Why they are the ingredients that go into my home made hair and body products!  I have become quite the mixologist.  Hair butters, body butters, hair gel, and spritz’s galore!  If I hear about a new potential ingredient or see a new recipe, I’m all over the internet and calling around trying to see where I can get it from.

Being a creative individual, I feel like being natural has unleashed a creative bomb.  I have been opened up to a new realm of creative possibilities, and it’s quite fun.  Is it good for my pocketbook?  Absolutely not.  I try to rationalize that this or that ingredient serves a “dual purpose.”  I cook with some of the oils I use, or I already used shea butter and coco butter.  Cupuaçu butter is just a close relative of coco butter, right?  I even told myself that, “I am saving money by not having to buy lotion” and if I could figure out how to make soap, I would stop buying that as well.  From a long term perspective, I do believe it is thrifty to make my own products, but only if I can curb my inner junkie and do it in moderation and within reason.  I’m working on that.  I recently realized that I could make my own accessories (the results are here)…

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