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Today’s featured maven is none other than my sister-in-law, Ms. Martini (as she is known by online).  Check her out! :)

Name:  Ms. Martini [blog personality]

Location:  Alexandria, Louisiana

Occupation: Housewife, Stay-at-home mom, Small Business Owner


The Hair:

How long have you been natural?

My last relaxer was in July 2011 and I big chopped in November 2011.  My hair journey began 17 months ago.

Did you big chop or transition and how did you make that decision?

I big chopped… I did not put much though into it… It was a sudden decision.

What made you decide to go natural? 

Whenever I washed my hair, it would come out in chunks.  I thought I was ill.  I had my physician run a serious of tests on me including a CAT scan and we found out it was just stress.  My hair had been falling out for months now and one day I had enough.  I sat at my vanity and I literally chopped all of my hair off.  I was left with maybe an inch of hair

How did your family and friends react to your decision to go natural?

My sister thought, it was all a joke.  She would often ask when would I be getting my next relaxer.  17 months later, she is still asking.

How has going natural affected your life, way of thinking, etc. if at all?

Well, I do not wear weaves anymore!  Huge savings in the financial department…

From a professional standpoint, have you ever had any problems in your career or workplace because of your natural hair?

No not at all, I work from home though.  Even if I had a corporate job, I do not see any reasons for any problems.  I think its fair to assume that other races are not having issues with their tresses, so, why should I have them with mine?

What is the best/worst compliment you have received since going natural?

I think the worst I have heard was from my husband.  He made mention that I looked like Don King…my feelings were crushed.  Another time my sister left a comment on one of my Facebook photos asking me to comb my hair.  I was humiliated.  My hair was combed; I was wearing a twist out.  I had previously spent hours co-washing, detangling and twisting my hair.

What is the best and worst thing you have done since going natural?

I have since made many positive changes in my life…while my family and I are not vegetarians, I no longer cook meat at home.  Instead, we partake only when we are dinning out.  My husband and I also started our own Web Design Company.




The Person:

Do you have any hobbies or passions that you would like to share with us?

My newest hobby is blogging; I am addicted to putting my thoughts on paper.

Cooking is another all time favorite.  My true loves are lifting weights, running and swimming (in that order), but I haven’t been able to truly enjoy them like I used too since I had my babies.

How did you get interested in these activities?

My sister-in-law has been encouraging me to blog now for years.  I finally muffled up the courage to do it.  Now, I cannot get enough of it!  Cooking was introduced to me at an early age; I was only eight when I started my first cooking lessons…my mom is old school so it was important for her daughters to know how to cook.  I am prior military so running was a big part of my life…my best memories were running miles with my friends and then taking a swim.

From a career standpoint, what are your interests and are you currently pursuing them?

I love anything to do with Finance Accounting and Business Management!  Although I am not employed with an accounting firm, I have the pleasure of managing Welai Designs.  In addition, I get to enjoy the tax season yearly, working for friends and family.  For now, I am content.




Did you meet your other half while you were natural?  If not, how did they react to your decision?

No, I believe I was wearing a bad weave.  My husband always talks about how bad my hair looked..lol.  He really did not say much about my decision.  I knew that he liked long weaves and so I tried to maintain that style for him.

How has his reaction/attitude changed, if at all, from then until now?

I was nervous at first; I did not wear my hair out for the first 10 months. One morning we were headed to church and I unleashed the fro.  Surprisingly, he loved it.  I secretly needed his blessing and I got it.

How do you balance being a mother, life and hair?

I don’t…lol.  Between my 2 year old daughter and I, we look like a hot mess.  I do not do anything to our hair all week long.  We get twists done on Fridays for church on the weekends and then we are right back to a matted mess by Monday.

By going natural, do you find yourself trying to shape your children with a wider view on beauty standards?  If so, how do you accomplish this?

We tell my daughter that she is beautiful everyday, whether her hair is matted or not.  She understands that being beautiful is about her character and less about her features.




Is there any advice that you would like to give to other naturals regarding hair, life, career or motherhood?

A bit cliché but in life, do what makes you happy.   As moms, we sometimes feel that we cannot have it all, and we must choose between our family and our career.  Not true!  If you really want something, you will figure out a way to make it work.  I do all of my work for the business between 12 am and 5 am when the kids should be sleeping.  It works for me!  Find what works for you!

Do you blog, socialize online, etc?  If so, where can we find you?




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