Bentonite Clay Revisited

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So, I think I know where I went wrong last time.  The coconut milk.  I tried the clay again, intending to use it only for my face but I made to much and ended up putting it in my hair again.  I did not take a picture of the mixture, but this time I used ACV only.  The consistency was very smooth and fizzed up when the two were put together.  I did not get that type of a chemical reaction last time.  I think it is possible to add other ingredients like others do such as coconut milk, but I think the key is to add other ingredients AFTER the clay and ACV mixture has been made.

I applied the clay to my face and it went on smooth and adhered unlike last time.  I squished the remaining mixture into my hair.  While I sat with the clay on my face, I could actually feel my skin tightening.  It made me feel like I was getting some high class spa treatment for that youthful rejuvenation (I think I’ve seen one too many skin care commercials).  It felt good.  Like I could imagine all of the blackheads and toxins being pulled out of my skin and into the clay.  I imagined that I would wash off the clay and a miracle of fresh skin with no blemishes, pock marks, wide open pores and blackheads.

When I rinsed the clay off, the wide open pores were still there along with the blemishes, but…all of my troublesome blackheads were gone!  So, I consider the clay to be a success.  I will continue to do this mask once a week and see if I continue to see improvement in my skin.  My hair, I’m not sure about.  After rinsing my hair out, I still felt the need to shampoo it.  So I continued with my regular routine.  When I was done, I did notice that my curls were hanging downward as opposed to sticking out straight from my scalp.  I don’t know if that was because of the clay or just that my hair is getting longer and heavier.  I’m not sure.

I will definitely continue with the face mask from now on, but I am not so sure about the hair.  I snapped a pic of the clay mask on my face and hair, but I looked too much like a swamp creature to post it.

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