Bantu Knot-Out Tutorial

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This past weekend I did my first Bantu Knot-Out.  When I was in college, I used to do this to my relaxed hair all of the time.  I called it my “Jill Scott” look.  I didn’t know the style actually had a name.  I thought I made it up.  I was just trying to get my hair to look curly…if only I had known then what I know now.  Well, now I do.  I finally felt I had enough length to try this style out on my natural hair so I did.

I washed (Kalpi Tone), conditioned and detangled my hair first.  I sectioned my hair and applied my shea butter/cupuaçu butter to each section and thoroughly detangled.  Next I single twisted, twirled the ends and wrapped the hair around to form each knot.  When wrapping, I made sure to go underneath the previous round.  My hair wouldn’t stay, so I used bobby pins to secure each knot.

I slept in them and they were NOT comfortable at all.  Next time, I might sit under the dryer…maybe not.  I always feel like I’m wasting my life away just sitting there.  I need a bonnet dryer that is on a stand so that I can sit at my desk and work like I do with my steamer.  I put a little grapeseed oil on my hands and lightly rubbed it on each knot.  I pulled out all of the pins and untwirled each knot.  I separated each one into about 3-4 pieces.  Next I picked out the roots and fluffed.  I was not entirely in love with the results…kinda how I feel on the first day of a twist out.  I’m always like “meh.”  So, I tied a scarf around my head and liked it better.

That night, I slept with my hair out on my satin pillowcase.  When I woke up, I fluffed it and tied another scarf around my head.  I think the style is cuter with a scarf or headband.  I received several compliments on day one, but since I am trying to get the style to last through Christmas, I haven’t tried to separate the pieces any further.  I plan to do that as it gets towards the end of the style’s life.  Lol.

Since it didn’t take as long to do this style as opposed to my twists, I think I will definitely experiment more and do this style again.

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