An Interview with my Special Friend

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Colleen Eakins, photography by Robin Allman Photography

Colleen Eakins, photography by Robin Allman Photography

This is something I have been meaning to do for a while, interview my special friend, who we will call GS.  Through out my journey, he has been very supportive and we have shared a lot of laughs and discussions about my hair.  These discussions have ranged from “what is going on with your hair today?” to “I love your hair!”  It has probably been almost as interesting of a journey for him as it has been for me.  So without further ado, here is my interview with my boyfriend, GS:

About My Hair:

What were your thoughts when I told you that I wanted to cut off  ALL of my hair and grow it back out natural?

GS: It really didn’t bother me, I was just trying to picture how you were going to look.  You had long flowing hair, but I knew a lot of women were going natural.  You had already kind of warned me a little bit so it didn’t really bother me.  I was ready at any moment for you to cut it off.  It didn’t phase me when you said that you were going to cut it.  I’m kind of open minded, so it wasn’t a big deal when you said you were going to cut it.

How about when I told you if I didn’t like it I would wear a wig?

GS: That part, it bothered me.  ‘Cause I’m like, you have all of this hair and you’re gonna cut it off and wear a wig?  What’s up, you know?  I was thinking, nah to that, but I’m kind of easy…I’m willing to go along with that.

{Insert my laughter here.  Dude does not like wigs!  I’ve been trying to convince him that it is a great protective styling option.}

Since I didn’t give you an exact time frame on when I would cut it off, how shocked were you when I showed up at work…bald?

GS: I wasn’t so shocked because someone else saw it before me.  They told me, “hey have you seen Colleen’s hair?”  “She cut it all off!”  I was like, “oh, ok.”  So it kind of absorbed the brunt of the surprise.  Plus, I knew you were planning to cut it.

What were your initial thoughts when you saw my short hair cut?

GS: It looked nice!  I liked the little spikey parts on the ends.  I kind of fell in love with that.  You had the little spikes on the tip of your forehead and you had a nice little round head…a little peanut head.

{I big chopped about 7 or 8 weeks after relaxing my hair and didn’t have quite enough new growth in the front for my chop.  The stylist left a small patch in the front which resulted in a “spikey” look}

In the beginning, we had a little dispute about who knew what was best for my hair.  I admit, that there were days when it looked like a dirty cat was sitting on top of my head.  Why did you feel you knew best?

GS: Because I have been wearing my hair “natural.”  My hair had been short for a long time before my dreadlocks and I knew what worked for my hair, so I figured it would kind of be the same thing for you.  I kind of dropped the ball on that one, you kind of knew best.  But I thought I would, because I was wearing short hair before you.

Did my hair really look that bad?

GS: Some days…

{Insert both of our laughter!}

Which you caught me looking at your hair like a man looks at a woman’s boobs.  I couldn’t get my eyes unlocked from your hair!  I didn’t want you to notice, but I guess it was evident.  You would say, “What’s wrong with my hair?”  I would say, “Nothing.”  But, you knew I was lying.  I would be thinking, “What’s going on?”  It would be kind of dusty looking.  “What the hell did you do to your hair?”

Describe it.

GS: Like white…like it had too much of something, but I didn’t know what it was.  You know, all in all, I still supported you, but I still made my suggestions…

I remember always replying to your “suggestions” by telling you that you just didn’t see my hair vision and it would take me a little while to get the hang of my hair.  Do you see my hair vision now?  Do you feel that I have finally gotten the hang of my hair?

GS: Yes, I see it now.  It’s evident now, it’s worked out well.  I think you put a lot into it, more into it than I have ever thought about putting into my hair.  Even when I had the dreadlocks, I thought I took real good care of my hair, but the extent that you go into doing your hair is amazing.  You’ll spend almost a whole day to wash it and twist it and everything else.  I spent a day when I would go to the beautician to get my locks maintained, but that was only once a month.  You do it every week or every other week.  You put a lot of time into it, a lot of investigation, a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t figure would go into your hair.  You do a really good job.

What are your thoughts about my hair now?

GS: Oh, I love it!  I’m always playing with it, always have my hands in it.  I love it.  I think it fits you really well and your personality.

Which do you like better:  my short, tapered fade haircut or my sometimes wild ‘fro?

GS: Your hair now.


About His Hair:

You recently cut off your dreadlocks, why?

GS: Well, I could have kept them, but I got a new job and I wanted a change.  I had them for seven years like that and they were starting to get hot and kind of irritable in the summer time.  I spent a lot of money too.  I spent at least $100-$150 a month just keeping them up.  It’s not a lot of money, but to a dude…on his hair, you know what I’m saying?  I just wanted a change.

How do you feel people’s perception of you changed or didn’t change with the change in hairstyle?

GS: Man, it’s unbelievable!  When I cut my hair, I posted a picture on Facebook.  I got so many hits.  “I can’t believe you cut your hair.”  Everybody said the dreadlocks fit me and now it’s a different look.  Even the guys, “You lost your swag.”  “That was you, your hair was you.”  So, I’m like, “I’m the same person.”  Even women, coworkers and stuff everyone really liked it, but nobody really said anything until I cut my hair and started wearing it short.  Even my manager was like, “I can’t believe you cut it.”  I initially thought the dreadlocks might be a deterrent, but ultimately it wasn’t.  When I cut it I got a rash of comments from all over…my parents, my sister and my daughter.  When I first got them, my daughter hated them.  When I cut them…’cause I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it, I just posted pics on Facebook.

What types of unsolicited comments have you gotten about your hair since cutting it off?

GS: Nothing good…except from you.  You said that I look like a little boy…*chuckle*

Do you kind of feel a sense of India Arie’s song, “I am not my hair?”

GS: Yeah!  Because of the rash of comments I received from everyone was as if I had changed, my personality and everything.  I’m the same guy.  I just don’t have dreads down my back.  Also, I was looking at the news the other day and there were about 10-15 young men sitting in court…they all had dreads.  That sparked me a little to want to change my image.  Not that people thought of me as a thug, but if you saw a guy with a turban loading luggage onto your plane…you might be a little nervous.  It was a thought that did come across my mind.

What are your plans today for your hair?

GS: I don’t know.  I just talked to you about doing something to it…twisting it, I don’t know.  Right now, I’m growing it and keeping it shaved/tapered on the sides.  I don’t know what my plans are, I’ve even thought about growing my dreads back.  I really think that if my business venture takes off, I will.  That was the reason I grew them the first time, I was working for myself, and I didn’t have anyone I had to answer to.  I wanted a change.  I had short haircuts since I was a kid and I saw dreads and thought they might be nice to have, but people definitely look at you differently.  My plans…I don’t know.  I guess I will let you work with it now…since you are the professional with the Facebook page, blog and Youtube channel and all of that other stuff.  I’ll let you work me up and we’ll see how it looks.  If it looks as good as yours then I’ll keep it, but it has to look as good as yours.  If not… *chuckle








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