1 Year Hair Trim

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I decided to be a little adventurous after watching several videos on silk hair wraps.  It looked like an easy way to straighten my hair without what I call direct heat.  I don’t have anything against heat in general, but I am terrified of heat damage so I don’t apply any direct heat to my hair (blow dryers and flat irons).  I don’t mind sitting under my bonnet dryer on a low setting with my rollers, however.  The following video showed a roller set followed by a “silk” wrap, which is basically saran wrap wrapped around your wrapped hair…whew, that’s a lot of wraps!  Here’s one of the videos I watched:

So, I pulled out my Curlformers, since they make my roots straight and went to work.  I set my hair with flaxseed gel on freshly washed and detangled hair.  I also did a deep conditioning treatment because I have found that I get better results the more my hair is moisturized.  I sat under the dryer for thirty minutes and was going to film from the take down to the final result, but…when I ran the comb through the first perfect curl, my hair exploded into frizz, horrible frizz like no other I have ever seen.  I heard my friend who was watching tv on the couch, burst out into laughter.  I continued to comb and by the time I was done, I had what resembled a bird’s nest sitting on top of my hair.  Wrapping it was pretty futile.  I ended up sticking a bunch of bobby pins…15 to be exact, in it to hold it down long enough for me to wrap the saran wrap around it.  Needless to say, there is no film.  I shut the camera off after the second frizzed out curl.

I sat under the dryer again for 30 minutes and because my feelings were so hurt, I removed the saran wrap and tied on my night scarf without even combing out the results.  I work from home so it was mid afternoon before I ventured into the bathroom to check on the madness of my hair.  Enter Don King.


It was then that I realized that it was really my ends that were the problem.  When I really thought about it, it hit me that I haven’t trimmed my ends in six months.  Enter the scissors.  I cut off a good ½” to 1” inch all over.  Bye, bye dead ends.  My hair feels better, but now I’m stuck with a half-fro (half straight-ish, half kinky-ish).  I attempted to part my hair down the middle to French braid, but that didn’t work out too well.  Braid-out?  Nope, the braids kept unwravelling.  I think I will wrap it back up and wear scarves and hats for the rest of the week until wash day…sigh.  At least my ends are great.









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