The Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga as it is known today constitutes various poses designed to augment the body’s strength and endurance. Originating from India, Yoga has gained meteoric fame since its migration to the western world, attracting interest and intrigue as a simple yet quite effective means of disciplining the mental and physical aspects of the human body.

The Benefits of Yoga:

Most people do not need medical advice to realize the important role yoga can play in any given person’s life, not with the various testimonies walking about in the world! They are ready to defend this sometimes miraculous exercise, that elicits beneficial effects for life including:

Physical Benefits – Where yoga is proven as most effective is in the following:

Strength – Be it the tree pose or the downward facing dog, numerous yoga poses revolve around supporting various parts of your body. It is only natural that executing and holding these poses over several breaths will lead to an augmentation in body strength. Various yoga styles and techniques are crafted with the express aim of generating strength in specific parts of the body.

Balance – Yoga is full of balance-involved exercises, varying from simply standing on one’s leg to inversions. These activities are especially crucial for older individuals to gain greater levels of balance even as they age and to build core strength.

Flexibility – Yoga activities are well known for their stretching exercises. With flexibility reducing as one ages, yoga can prove imperative in maintaining greater levels of flexibility in the back, hips, hamstrings and shoulders.

Joint Health – many a medical practitioner has been known to recommend yoga along with conventional treatments for arthritis patients because yoga techniques having proven themselves effective in improving mobility and reducing pain. Yoga is also effective among patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pain Prevention – few other treatments can counter tightness or even spinal compression as effectively as yoga. With this Eastern practice frequently sought after to combat back pain, it also improves breathing, which, in itself, will greatly benefit pain management endeavors.

Mental Benefits - certainly most people can understand the role yoga plays within the physical body; yet one does wonder how many truly understand the effects yoga can have on the mind, its benefits are life changing and have wide ranging affects to include:

Calmness – within yoga is a treasure chest of vigorous exercises and breathing techniques and meditation. These techniques have proven themselves effective in eliciting calm even in the presence of chaotic circumstances. Considerable effort must be injected into maneuvering the position of one’s body, paying close attention to breathing.

Stress – Exercise is always a great recommendation against the ravages of stress, and yoga is no different. It is a means of taking the mind off one’s troubles, both great and small. Yoga not only acts as a break from stress during the execution of its various poses, but it allows for moments of reflection, opportunity to forget the past and ruminate on the future, and observing one’s life in a new light.

Certainly there can be arguments made about these practices being treated as little more than a trend and a fad; yet it would take quite the miracle to locate sizable numbers in the medical profession that could successfully disparage its effects. Many doctors sometimes place greater emphasis on encouraging patients to take up yoga than meeting their various European Health Card obligations.

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