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I drink a lot of water and if you read my earlier post about the filter I bought for my shower, you know that I was looking for something similar for my kitchen.  I typically buy a case of water a week from Sam’s Club because I do not like drinking from the tap.  I had started looking into water filtration systems and filters for my faucet.  With the stand alone systems, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to carry a jug from my car into the house and with the filters for the faucet, I wouldn’t be able to carry my water around like I normally do with the bottles.  So the solution that I finally came to was the Bobble Water Bottles with Filters.

I purchased a set of two from for $19.99.  I am an Amazon Prime member so the shipping was free and they arrived within two days.  I really like these bottles because they are small enough to carry in my purse, they fit in the cup holders in my car and they are easy to refill and use.  The filters are good for 300 uses and the ones that I bought hold about 18.5 fl ozs.  The best part is that I can save money buy not buying cases of water and I am helping the environment by cutting down on the number of plastic bottles that end up in land fills.  :)

To learn more about Water Bobbles visit their site here.

*Disclaimer:  I purchased these with my own money and I was not paid to write this review.


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  • WinnieMae

    Thank you so much!! I’m getting in the habit of lowering the amount of bottles I have as well. Plus I also prefer filtered water to tap water. These bottles will work perfect for me!! A couple of questions: Are there replacement filter that you can buy for these? Does the water have that super “filtery” taste to it?

    • NaturalArtMaven

      The water does not taste “filtery” to me. I think it tastes pretty decent. I don’t taste the chlorine. Yes, you can get new filters. The filter is attached to the top, so when you are drinking, the water goes right through the filter. So, you just buy a new top, when you are ready to change the filter. They come in several different colors as well, so you don’t get confused with someone else’s water bottle.