Recipe: Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Eggplant “Bread”

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Provolone Cheese
Alfalfa Sprouts
Olive Oil
Any “Italian” blend seasoning
BBQ Brush



Mix about 2 tablespoons of olive oil with seasoning blend and set aside.



Thickly slice eggplant lengthwise.



Brush oil/seasoning blend on to both sides of each slice.



In a medium saucepan, place one slice.  Heat saucepan on medium.



Layer half the cheese, tomato slices, sprouts, mustard and the other half of the cheese onto the slice.







Place the last slice on top of the layers.



“Grill” until browned and then flip.  When the other side has been sufficiently browned, remove and allow to rest before serving.


*Note:  I placed a top on my saucepan to allow the heat/moisture to soften the eggplant while browning.







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