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I have to admit that at first I did not enjoy exercising, but now I do.  All of that talk you hear about endorphins making you feel good and having more energy and all of that jazz is actually true.  I used to complain that I couldn’t possibly have more energy if I am tired and sore all of the time, but once you get into a routine of doing it often, you will find that you actually do have more energy.  I find that there is no better way to relieve stress, than to exercise.  It can be in the form of weight training (my least favorite, lol), cardio (my fav) or strength/flexibility training like Yoga.

A common barrier for people is cost.  Gym memberships can be expensive and many are not willing to make that kind of a commitment…at least not until they can see that they will stick with it.  Although I do have a gym membership, I can understand this.  I understand being on a tight budget, I mean, my middle name is “broke.”  In an effort to save on gas and because I’ve been feeling too lazy to drive, I have been looking for no-cost ways to still get a workout in, at home or near home.  So, I thought I would share.  Presenting Colleen’s Low Budget/No Budget Fitness.  It’s the little things…

Use the local terrain.  Since I was young, I always dreamed of being a distance runner.  I’m still waiting for that dream to come true.  In the meantime, I practice running in my neighborhood (apartment complex).  I know that from my door, through the complex and around the block is .8 miles.  So I stretch in the comfort of my home, put my dog on his leash and set off.  After the first circuit, I drop the dog off and do another round.  I can then simple run back inside and straight in the shower.  No nasty gym shower stalls and no uninhibited naked people walking around a locker room.  You can map out a course in your neighborhood or one you wish that you lived in and go for a run, jog or walk.  Also check out local high schools with tracks and local city, county and state parks for walking trails.

Reap more from your internet usage.  If you are reading this blog post, then I can assume that you have access to the internet and therefore, access to HuluHulu is a website that allows you to watch tv shows, movies and other content online for free.  HuluPlus is a paid service that allows you to stream content to mobile devices and TV’s.  Since we are talking about tight budgets, we will just talk about the free service.  Hulu has several fitness programs on their website.  If you don’t mind a couple of commercial breaks (use them to sip some water), you can get a decent workout in watching any of the following programs.  I just did a Yoga episode earlier today (if you don’t have a mat, a towel or clean carpet will do).

Dance & Be Fit:
Gaiams Wake UP Workout:
Get Fit, Stay Fit:
Yoga For Everyone:
Yoga Zone:

Work with what you have.  When I was in college, I couldn’t afford the gym or exercise equipment.  I just used whatever I had on hand.  This consisted of soup cans and telephone books for weights and doing exercises that used my own body weight.  I ran up and down apartment stairs, used couches and chairs to do dips for my triceps, put my legs up against a wall and did crunches.  Get creative.  If you aren’t doing anything at all, these little things can make a big difference.  When you have outgrown your soup cans, you may find that you are ready for a gym membership or are motivated enough to do something more.

I hope that someone will find these tips to be helpful! :)

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