Adventures in Green Insecticide II

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So I am still terrified of roaches coming into the bathroom.  I have no desire to share my shower with anything other than myself.  So since boric acid looses some of it’s potency when wet, I decided that it would not be the best option for the bathroom.  I placed a few bay leaves under the counter and sink.  I also decided to hit up several store’s pet aisles to search for cedar chips.  Apparently, pine bark, ash bark and fake chips are more popular for hamsters and bunnies, but I found some.  I placed some in a big decorative bowl and placed it in the fireplace and some more in a smaller bowl and set it on the back of the toilet.  Decorative critter deterrents…nice.

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  • WaxingPoetica

    so they really don’t like the wood chips and such?!

    • NaturalArtMaven

      Yeah, they hate the smell although I didn’t know roaches had noses!

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