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Name: Tracy Viverretta / Founder of One Brown Crafter
Location:  Tucson, AZ
Types of Media/Mediums: Pencils, Pen & Ink, Collage, Acrylics, Textiles, Needlework, Mixed Media


How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?
Since childhood. As a child, I was always making goods by hand – dolls, pillows, embroidery, etc. I don’t remember always drawing when I was young, but I do remember ALWAYS making fun and functional things. As a junior in high school, I did do some drawing, but that was it for my art (not crafty), inclinations until 1994. I didn’t know that 1994 would mark the beginning of me finding my absolute passion. In that year, I launched a monthly publication (which I found out many years later was known as a “zine”), called Kid’s Press – to encourage inner-city children to develop a love of reading. Writing, illustrating and editing all the content, I thought I was on my way to becoming a writer of children’s books, but what I didn’t anticipate was falling crazy in love with drawing and illustrating. My sweet, little children’s publication lasted for 7 years and then, I guess you could say my art career officially started.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Faces, (I love faces), words, language, unique characteristics of different faces, people who love themselves as they physically are, letters, books, children’s literature, positive things people do positive things people say, nice, kind people, happy people, travel, my definition of beauty, innocence (in adults and children), animation, crayons, handmade anything, vintage photos, papers, all things vintage, animals, children, things children say, laughter, kindness, smiles, simplicity, life, color, different cultures, being in the moment and cherishing that moment, non materialism…..I could go on and on – almost everything inspires me.
Do you have any formal training and if so, where did you study?
My creative tendencies are completely innate. My studies never included art. I kind of wish I was into art when I was in college in France. That would’ve been a wonderful place to study art. On the other hand, I very much love the road I traveled leading me into the world of art. I would like to take a class in printing in the future, but I’m such a hardcore DIY-er that I’ll probably never get around to that and opt to check out books from the library and learn to print stuff on my own. (LOL) I’ve already begun experimenting a little and sharing that adventure on my personal blog – Tracyville.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years with your artwork?
Wow! Good question! I see myself growing what I’m doing now. Working with more non profits, as well as small and big businesses. I’d like to get some books published and do more illustrations for magazines. Also, illustrating book covers and children’s books is attractive to me. There are also many things I’d like to do with One Brown Crafter and the community of artists that I’m trying to build there, but I can’t say what that is just yet.
Do you do commissioned pieces?
Uh….Yes. (insert hesitation) I do commissions on particular products and particular projects. There’s lots of room for things to go awry with commissions, so very good communication and comprehension on both sides are key. My 3 rules with commissions are 1) again, clear communication, 2) to give the client what they want, versus what I want for them and 3) I like to keep it easy and breezy. I don’t want the experience to be difficult or disgruntled. I want it to be a fun and happy experience for both the client and myself. My favorite commisions are the kind when people say “I love what you do, so do what you do.” Those are the best commissions ever!
How can we find more of your work and or contact you for commissioned pieces?
All information about me, my work and my sites are located at the top and sidebars of both my blogs and some of that info is below.
Do you have any upcoming shows or events where you will be showcased?
Not at present. A couple of years ago, I was doing a lot of fairs, but my current projects won’t allow me the time to do shows right now. Last year, I veered off into the direction of doing creative projects with businesses. Working with businesses means having deadlines – something new for me, but it’s been awesome because it keeps me focused and challenged – challenged to do great and creative work and to meet my deadlines. Luckily, when I work, I have super-hero focus. (LOL)  Thank you NaturalArtMaven, for this opportunity to introduce myself to your readers. I truly appreciate it.
Make sure you check Tracy out online!  I really love her artistic/drawing style, which of course means that I love her artwork!

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